2019 Northwest Hillclimb Association Annual Meeting

Annual Northwest Hillclimb Association Meeting

October 19, 2019

Black Bear Dinner Bend Oregon

Meeting called order at 11:11 am at by President Wilke Myers


Wilke Myers, Marcy Myers, Jesse Linder, Doug Batt, Marie Sherman, Bob Sherman, Rob Riedel, Deb Riedel, Gail Glass (guest) Mike Glass, David DeFrain, Ryan Davis, Henry Mason, Stacie Mason (guest), Dave Bard, Hunter White, Jimmy Hofstetter, Jill Hofstetter (guest)

Club Representatives:

Freezeout:  Marcy Myers

Cascade Lakes:    Cari Hinesly

Larison Rock:  Mike Glass

Hoopa:  Jesse Linder and Doug Batt

Bible Creek:  Rob Riedel and Mike Glass

Maryhill:  Rob Riedel and Mike Glass

Correction to 2018 Minutes.  Under old business “meeting moved to Boise”. Should be Bend, Oregon.  Motion made by Dave Bard to make the correction and approve minutes.  Second by Rob Riedel, motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report

Bill for awards $816.93 presented for payment.  Motion made by Wilke Myers and seconded by Marie Sherman to pay the bill.  Motion passed

Bob Sherman made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report, Dave Bard second, motion passed.


Reports from hills, things that need to be done that people were not aware of.

Freezout:  No equipment, timers etc.  Members gathered up equipment needed to run the hill.  Everyone needs to be more aware of what goes on to put on a hill.

Larison Rock:  Mike Glass – had to cut trees to clear the hill, only had four weeks to clear the hill, had a short time to process the permits.  It is a complicated hill to put on.

Hoopa:  Tribal Council very supportive.  Problem collecting information for registration, discussed.  Police are promoting safety.

Maryhill:  Kudos to Mike  for stepping up and taking charge due to Rob Riedel’s health issues.  Had parking issues but managed.  Parking issues to be worked out.

Aftermath of Mayhill fire:  Insurance company denied bill.  Collection company going after driver.  Appeal has been made to insurance company.


Insurance Liaison Cari Hinesly.  Insurance was looked over and was accepted.  Cari is now going to step down.  Big thanks to Cari for all her hard work.  Chris Davie from WMC will now take over duties.

Question:  Is the driver liable?  When a driver signs the Release he/she assumes the liability.

Wilke proposes setting aside money to have attorney look over insurance and assist WMC if needed.

Motion by Jim Hofstetter to set aside $1000 for legal contingency fund.  Second by Marie Sherman.

Bob Sherman amended motion to “at the desecration of the NHA board to disperse the fund as them deem necessary.  Motion passed

Updating NHA bylaws.  Copies of proposed bylaws handed out.  Updated bylaws presented by Bob Sherman.  Original bylaws filed in 1985 which are very vague.

Non Profit

Amended Articles of Incorporation

Article II:  The purpose for which the corporation is formed is to promote and assist in other non-profit corporations in organizing timed automobile competitions know as hill climbs, and any other lawful activity, none of which is for profit, for which corporations may be organized under ORS Chapter 61.

Specifically, the corporation will:

A.   Provide a means of assisting sports car organizations in scheduling events to be in harmony with the scheduled events of other like organizations

B.  Arrange appropriate insurance coverage for the calendar of events to protect participating organizations from anticipated risks, with each organization paying a pro-rated share of the expense.

C.  Establish such rules as are required to obtain the insurance coverage as noted in “B” above. 

D.  Provide safety recommendations to assist participating organizations in minimizing risks to those present at an event.

E.  Establish a safety committee to approve or deny NHA insurance coverage for an event.  Overall safety will be considered as will reasonable implementation of recommendations in “D” above.

F.  Establish car classifications unique to NHA  per classification in 2018 and assist participating organizations as needed with classification issues.

G.   Develop and maintain an annual awards system, including but not limited to Class Champions and “Climbed Them All.”

H.  Require signed acknowledgement that each affiliated organization bears responsibility for rules and safety at their hill climb event, and in no case will NHA assume any responsibility.

Article IV:  Directors

The Directors of the corporation shall be the Officers of the corporation (President, Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer).  

Article VI: Regulation of Internal Affairs

A.  Meetings & Membership

1.   Meetings shall be conducted according to Parliamentary Procedure, as per Roberts Rules of Order.  The President may appoint a parliamentarian to serve as a resource as to questions of proper procedure.

2.  Membership is established upon payment of annual dues.

3.  An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held each year after the conclusion of the hill climb season.  Special meetings may be held at any hill climb event, upon thirty (30) days advance notice to the membership.  The agenda for the special meeting will be distributed to the membership no later than two weeks prior to the date of the special meeting.

4.  Members must be physically present at meetings to vote.  No proxy voting is permitted.

5.  Proposed amendments to the Constitution/By-Laws must be presented in writing at the AGM.  A two thirds (2/3) majority vote is required to pass an amendment.  

B.  Officers & Duties 

President: The President shall be the chief executive officer of the corporation, preside at all meetings, and be the inspector of all elections.  The President shall see to the general and active management of the business affairs of the corporation and see that all resolutions are carried out.

Vice President: The Vice President shall perform the duties and exercise the power of the President at such time as the President is unable to act, and other such duties as the President may assign from time to time.

Secretary-Treasurer:  The Secretary-Treasurer shall have overall responsibility for all record keeping.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall perform, or cause to be performed: (a) giving notice of the Annual General Meeting and all Special meetings, keeping the records of the corporation, and such other duties as the president may from time to time assign.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall have overall responsibility for all corporate funds. This includes the keeping of records, making financial reports to the membership, and collecting/disbursing funds as required.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall perform, or cause to be performed, the official recording of the minutes of all meetings of the NHA.

Section F.  Car Classification – add competition licensing system.

#2 Members must be paid members by the last event to be a voting member at the annual general meeting.

Motion made by Bob Sherman to adopt bylaws as of October 19, 2o19, seconded by Dave Bard.


Jim Hoftestter make motion to amend Insurance rule “change to “and sufficient”. Marie Sherman seconded, motion carries.

Rules:  Purpose of NHA was to promote fairness.  Classification has been changed to coincide with SSDA which has made it better.

NHA should not dictate rules and safety rules should be left up to the clubs to dictate.

Going forward NHA may recommend safety issue but leave it up to the clubs to enforce.


Amend F to include the year 2018

Doug Batt “change safety rules to safety recommendations”. D Provides safety requirements and/or recommendations.

E Remove “of recommendations”

Motion by Bob Sherman to accept the bylaws as amended.  Dave Bard Seconded.  Motion carries.

No one sent in any suggestions for rules

No changes to rules at this time.  Insurance may dictate changes.

Why do we not have a lifetime membership?


Rob Riedel made motion for $100.oo lifetime membership fee with special stickers. Jim Hofstetter seconded.  Motion passed

2020 Schedule

Freezeout  June 27 & 28 Firm

Cascade Lakes  June 13 & 14   

Larison Rocks  July 4 & 5

Hoopa   July 18 & 19

Bible Creek  Aug 1 & 2

Maryhill  Sept 19 & 20 Firm

Knox Mountain May 16 & 17

Marie Sherman made a motion to add Knox Mountain to schedule 

Rob Riedel second with asterisk “not NHA sanctioned”. Motion passed

President’s Award:  Cari Hinesly and awarded a lifetime membership

Ernie Bogie Award for active non driver that promotes and volunteers for hillclimbs.  Does not have to be given out every year.

Jimmy Hofstetter nominated Ryan Davis, seconded by Dave Bard

Mike Glass nominated Rosy the bus and Family

Jimmy Hofstetter made motion to closed nominations, Dave Bard seconded.  

Ryan Davis awarded Ernie Bogie award

Class Awards

Cari Hinesly   CSP Champion

Henry Mason  XP Champion  

Stefan Denham  HCP Champion

Jennifer Ocker  EM Champion

Bob Sherman  HCR Champion

Marie Sherman  HCRL Champion  

Robert Rousseau  SSM Champion

Willy Cosby  SSM Second

Wilke Myers  CAM-S Champion

Marcy Myers  CAM-S Second

Troy Elk  SPO Champion

2019 Climbed ‘em All

Wilke Myers

Marcy Myers

Bob Sherman

Marie Sherman

Robert Rousseau

Henry Mason

Election of Officers

Nominations open for Sec/Treasurer

Marie Sherman nominated Marcy Myers

Seconded by Jimmy Hofstetter

Marie Sherman made a motion to cast unanimous vote.  Motion seconded and carried

Rob Riedel nominated for VP

Mike Glass nominated

Rob Riedel Elected

Nomination for President

Rob Riedel nominated Wilke Myers

David DeFrain nominated Ryan Davis

Deb Riedel nominated Mike Glass

Wilke Myers elected.

AGM next year Oct 17, 2019 11:00 am Bend Oregon Black Bear Dinner

Meeting Adjourned 2:12 pm