2018 Northwest Hillclimb Association Annual Meeting Minutes

Northwest Hillclimb Association
2018 Annual General Meeting Agenda
November 3, 2018 - Big Bear Restaurant Bend, Oregon

ATTENDANCE​: Rob Reidel, Deb Reidel, Wilke Myers, Marcy Myers, J. Wilfong, Ryan Davis, Mina Ingraham, Bob Sherman, Marie Sherman, Mike Glass, James Hoffstetter, Doug Batt, Carl Somerton, Dave Bard, Steve Newby (Non-member)

PRESIDENT OPENING REMARKS - Rob standing in:​ 11:00am “Please be patient with me.” - Rob Reidel
Roll call:
Freezeout ​​Rep: Carl Somerton

Larison ​​Rep: NOT PRESENT (Mike Glass standing in) 

Bogus ​​Rep: Carl Somerton
Bible Creek​​ Rep: Steve Newby/Mike Glass
Cascade ​​Rep: NOT PRESENT (Doug Batt standing in) 

Hoopa ​​Rep: Doug Batt

Maryhill​​ Annual Rep: Steve Newby/Mike Glass

MINUTES FROM 2017​: ​Wilke Motion, Carl Second: Approved 

TREASURER'S REPORT​: Carl Motion, Marie Second: Approved

Total Members: 165 


1. Rob​​: NHA is a ​sanctioning body​, not a club. a. Wilke ​​- One of the founding members:

  1. Historically, clubs/hills were segregated. Insurance was individual (per club). Classing was inconsistent.
  2. NHA formed for consistent insurance pricing, less events overlapping, unified classing.
  3. Originally no NHA awards, no NHA members.
  4. Meetings in Reno - Started popular, dwindled.
  5. Meetings moved to Boise for centrality.
  6. Summation​​: NHA is here for insurance, scheduling, classing, and later
    added awards/points for fun.

2. Ryan​​: Motorsport-safety.org will be advertised heavily for $30/day HANS device rentals

  1. They have HANS Hybrid that are compatible with three point seatbelts for same cost
  2. NHA should have no responsibility for delivery/fitment of HANS devices - liability

NEW BUSINESS (12:00pm)​:

  1. Ryan:​​ NHA dues are only to be collected by NHA.
    1. No more clubs offering NHA membership sign-up.
    2. Secretary cannot manage membership with other clubs taking the money and
      names. We don’t receive a list of who has signed up, which means we cannot verify membership to any other hill, or even the hill that offered the NHA sign-up in the first place. Our membership form must be filled out, and they were not filled out when they paid to another club.
    3. Ryan Motion, Marie second: Passed
  2. Deb: ​​Maryhill #2 was a disaster, but people cooperated and followed directions for
    evacuation, bravo all for being a great club to manage.

a. Wilke: ​​All should heed attention to surroundings - in grid, in paddock, etc etc in

case of evacuation. Not only your own stuff, but others stuff. Consider a plan. (IE: Keys in accessible place for RV, not locked. We can move an RV if the owner is not available). We loaded all drivers equipment that was left in grid, and carried out. If a vehicle is locked, it is stuck if the owner is not present. Keep that in mind.

  1. Is your equipment in an evacuable state/location? Does someone else know how to access it?
  2. At drivers meetings etc - It should be mentioned to people that they should have an evacuation plan in mind. Is your trailer backed in? Accessible? Etc.

3. Ryan proposal​​: Hills ​must​ offer MSR registration - NHA can provide that service to clubs for X% of proceeds or a base fee. Money goes from MSR to NHA account, NHA cuts check after the event within 15 days. This is easy, I already run MSR for BCA, its simple and provides NHA additional revenue.

  1. Hill registration is inconsistent for the driver. NHA is a program that should be consistent.
  2. I can set up the correct classing on MSR, and other clubs can actually piggyback off our classing list through ​their ​MSR accounts as well - this ensures that all classes are appropriately offered by all clubs.
  3. Paper reg can still be offered, but online reg is a must.
  4. By offering registration through an MSR account the I (NHA) run, we can also
    offer streamlined NHA membership signup at the same time - which leads to the
    next point:
  5. Discussion​​: We are a sanctioning body and should not ​require​ MSR. Perhaps
    we could offer it as a service?

i. What if Ryan isn’t around, we may not offer it.

f. Ryan: ​​Consistency is the issue I am concerned with. NHA has historically been a sanctioning body, but it is a series, and currently a bit of a mess. It discourages new drivers.

  1. We can share class lists and event templates between clubs if they use MSR.
  2. NHA can offer a registration template to all clubs to work from to provide consistency.​ Marie Motion, James Second: Passed

4. Mike​ What about cars that are fast, but are stock. HANS not required? Have we
considered similar to NHRA “if you can go faster than ‘X’, you are required ‘Z’”

What about cars that are fast, but are stock. HANS not required? Have we

  1. Difficult to quantify with multiple hills and run times etc.
  2. Wilke​​: How can we modify the rules to compensate?
    1. We can impose more rules, but then we lose drivers and hills.
    2. People die in hills due to lack of safety, and we could lose hills.
    3. NHRA is all consistent surface and length, how do we equate that in a hill?
  3. Bob: ​​Any safety changes should be brought in written/prepared form next year.
  4. Ryan: ​​What is the future of NHA? Originally it was not autocrossers, now it is.
    Who is next? We can let people die, and cater to autocrossers, or we can focus
    on the future group and keep them safe.
  5. Cars are going faster - Freeze Out shortened the finish because it was no longer
    safe. In a few years, it may happen again.
  6. James​​: Lets put a safety suggestions box at each hill

5. Rob​​: Increase membership dues? Ending balance is in pretty good shape.

  1. Crowd: Kitty is good, we are doing okay.
  2. Crowd: We don’t want to pay more.
  3. Rob Motion, chirps... : Not passed

Intermission 1:25pm-1:32pm

6. Rob:​​ Discussion - Move location? Portland? Also move time? a. Location: Eh... further for some, not for others.

             i. Keep location, Bend. ​Dave Motion, Marie Second: Passed b. Date: Third                    Saturday of October, to avoid SEMA and weather?  Wilke Motion, Ryan Second: Passed 

7. Rob: ​​Streaming of meetings in future.

  1. Steve​​: Don’t stream financials.
  2. Wilke​​: At discretion of President?

i. Rob​​: Already in the rules.
c. Impersonal - people say things they wouldn’t say face to face.

  1. Wilke​​: It shouldn’t be online for everyone to see, it should be private.
  2. Ryan: ​​We have many members who have families and other things that conflict, or simply live too far away to attend. If they cannot be involved, they never will be. Where are they all now? They can’t attend. Next year they are in the dark.
  3. Wilke​​: If people can see it online, they won’t come.

i. Marcy​​: We moved 2019 date, maybe they will come next year? 

g. Discussion over, no change - will remain at discretion of president.
8. Rob​​: All clubs must be a non profit/not-for-profit to obtain NHA insurance.

  1. All clubs must comply within 30 days from this meeting.
  2. We will be auditing closely every year for currency with SOS.


Cascade​​: June 15th/16th, 2019

Freezeout​​: June 22nd/23rd, 2019 - tentatively (Big event may conflict, push later one week. TBD January.)

Larison​​: July 6th/7th, 2019 - Tentatively

Hoopa​​: July 20th/21st, 2019 - Safety concerns with locals. Please discuss with club.

Maryhill 1/Bible Creek​​: August 2nd/3rd, 2019

Sailor Creek​​: Aug. 31st/Sept. 1st - Waiting on one more signature from a landowner that is out of area.

Maryhill 2​​: Sept 20th/21st, 2019

Steve​​: Discussion - If Bible Creek does not happen, switch Cascade and Maryhill #1?

Cascade cannot run during fire season. Still move Maryhill back?

Three hillclimbs in a row...

Long discussion about dates and club conflicts... Little resolve. Will continue working on schedule.

President:​ Nominated: Wilke or Ryan​ - Vote: ​Wilke Myers elected
Vice President: ​Nominated: Mike or Rob​ - Vote: ​Rob Reidel elected
Secretary/treasurer: ​Nominated: Marcy or Ryan​ - Vote: ​Marcy Myers elected
Website admin: ​Keep Ryan?​ ​Rob Motion, Marie Second: Passed​​ - Ryan Davis elected 

Regalia admin: ​Keep Deb?​ ​Marcy Motion, Marie Second: Passed​​ - ​Deb Reidel elected

Due to current year issues, awards withheld until next year. Ernie Bogie Award: ​None
President's Award: ​None

(Embroidery machine broke down recently, only some have been made. The rest will be mailed.)
AS - Wilke Myers
ASL - Marcy Myers
ASP - Richard Thatcher 

CSP - Cari Hinesly
DSP - James Hoffstetter 

FProd - Bob Sherman 

FProdL - Marie Sherman SM - Jared Haaland
SSM 1st - Robert Rousseau 

SSM 2nd - Willie Cosby

XP 1st - Stefan Denham 

XP 2nd - Dave Kipperman XP 

3rd - Mason Henry 

XPL 1st - Jennifer Ocker 

XPL 2nd - Mina Ingraham


Marcy Myers
Wilke Myers
Robert Rousseau

Willie Cosby 

Stefan Denham 

Jennifer Ocker

It has been an interesting year with the fires, missing/cancelled hills, etc. Next year will be better we hope!
Charles - Get well soon!

Thank you for coming everyone, remember the meeting is the THIRD Saturday in October next year, same location and time.