2015 Northwest Hillclimb Association Annual Meeting

Northwest Hillclimb Association

 Annual General Meeting Agenda 

November 7th 2015
Big Bear Resturant

Bend Oregon

President opening remarks: 11:40 am


Dave Bard, Marie & Bob Sherman, Cari Hinesly, Andrew Vanbortel, Marcy & Wilke Myers, Charles Cope, Harry Cadell, Rob & Deb Riedel, Darrel and Alisha Parham and their son Dante

Minutes from AGM November 1, 2014 No errors or omissions. Motion by Wilke second Rob Riedel minutes be accepted as displayed on website. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Motion Wilke, 2nd Rob accept treasure’s report as presented. Motion passed. 198 members for 2015.

Old Business:
Website: Reminder

Each Hill: When you get race results send to Cary right away. Get your registration pdf for each hill as soon as possible to Cary.

  • NEW HILL?: Keno: Jimmy Hofstetter looking into running the hill. Hill newly repaved. Jimmy will work with NHA on how to set up everything. Any results? No new information received about this hill.
  • Wilke went and totaled the number of drives and advised of the most popular classes: 192 drivers in 2015 year, 60 different classes, Largest ospu, 13, asp 11 csp 11 ospo 11, dsp 10
  • Wilke in process of reviewing classes to co inside with the new SCCA classes 

New Business:

  • Website: ****Add a classified section to the website** The members at the meeting today would like to have a classified section on the web site. If you have anything related to racing and cars please verify with Charles first. Marie will verify with Cary if he could set up a classified section.
  • I received some questions from Cary with regards to classified ads: Who manages the ads, how long do they stay up, what is the process for making sure they are valid, etc. If the answer was that people are going to send them to me then that isn't going to fly. I'm happy to post them up but I don't want to answer questions about them or have to hunt down people that can't be bothered to tell us if stuff has sold. So my advice to Charles was to make sure there was a process and how they would be handled and we could go from there.
  • Motor Sports reg.com: Wilke has been speaking to this group. It would not cost NHA anything to register our NHA Hillclimb schedules and contact person as a Level 1. This organization lists all motor sports events. Motion by Wilke, 2nd Bob S. that we register our hillclimbs with them. Motion passed. Wilke is working on all the classes and will forward information to this group as well as dates of our events and contact persons. If the different clubs want to do their registration through this group on line, they would have to deal with that separately. Deb liked the idea because people can use their credit cards and they will also be able to find out who is registered for the event.
  • Karl Schmitt- from Lewiston. ID- New Hill- Wilke has spoken the Karl.
    All information was given to Karl, needs to be NHA approved and they need to pay the expenses for us to come. Our insurance doesn’t include spectators. They would need to get a different type of insurance. Will wait for their reply.
  • David Week: wants to talk to us about doing a hillclimb in California. Charles to follow up.
  • There was a discussion about alcohol on site at the hillclimbs. Our insurance says there is to be no consumption of alcohol on site. Each hill has a different site they work with. It was suggested that the clubs need to put up a sign (Alcohol Free Zone) on the area that is covered with our insurance. We do not have control of where people camp but we do have control of what area we race in.
  • NHA suggests to all clubs to put on their waiver sheets the following:
  • A non-street legal car is only allowed on the road to access the hillclimb road their turn to participate in the race.
  • Insurance: Cari is working with Chris Davies to see if we can get a better price for our Hillclimb Insurance.
  • Rule changes:
    Section 1: Administrative
  • C. Event Planning
  • Section 3: Membership & Competition Licenses
  • Section 6: Vehicle Classification
    G. NHA Specific Classifications and criteria for each class are as follows:
  • 2. Super Production. This is a class provided for production based vehicles with modifications not permitted in Production, GT, or IT classes. The criteria for this class follow:
  • f. Sub classes are: SPU/3.0 2.5 liters and smaller, SPO/Over 3.0 2.5 liters. Motion by Darrel 2nd Rob to change wording to: over and under 2.5 liters motion carried
  • 1. (Remove #1 and renumber the other rules in this section) Organizations hosting an NHA sanctioned and insured hill climb event will guarantee that all current NHA members who have paid their annual dues (members in good standing) will have their entries accepted for the event. Said entries must be submitted in accordance with entry deadlines established for general registration by the host organization.

  • A. (Add) All drivers must be a member of NHA to drive at a hillclimb. Membership dues are $10.00 per calendar year.

NHA 2016 Schedule:
Cascade- June 11th & 12th

Freezeout- June 25th & 26th

Larison –July 2 & 3 .

Hoopa- June 4th & 5th

Bible Creek- August 13th & 14th

Bogus Basin- September 3rd & 4th

Mary Hill- September 17th & 18th

New Executive for 2016:

  • President: Charles Cope
  • Vice President: Rob Riedel
  • Secretary/- Treasurer: Brenda Brock
    Per NHA Rules the Chairperson of each hill is also a board member.

2016 members are:

Website: Cary McCallister

Regalia person: Deb Riedel has accepted this new position and will be working with Marcy.

Wilke Myers
Bonnie Mueller
Andrew Vanbortel & Bruce Hodesson 

Shea & Crystal Henrie
Doug Batt
Charles Cope

Ernie Bogie Award: Terry Bartolaus and Tank the Dog 

President’s Award: none this year

All First Place
Cari Hinesly - CSP
Steven Barnes - E Prod
Bob Sherman - F Prod
Marie Sherman - F Prod Ladies 

Dave Kipperman – HCP Brenda Brock – HCPL
Dave Bard – OSPU
Stefan Denham – SM
William Cosby – SSR
Marcy Myers – SPUL
Wilke Myers - SPU
Steve VanWettring - STX
Harry Cadell - GT1

Adjourned meeting 2:00 pm
Next meeting November 12th 2016