2014 Northwest Hillclimb Annual Meeting Minutes

Northwest Hillclimb Association 

Annual General Meeting Agenda 

November 1st 2014
Big Bear Resturant

Bend Oregon

President Charles Cope opening remarks:

Attendance: 15 members: Jack Gassaway, Bob Sherman, Jennifer Ocker
Tony Chilton, Doug DuFresne, Harry Cadell, Dave Bard, Deb Riedel, Rob Riedel, Wilke Myers, Marcy Myers, Andrew Vanbortel, Jimmy Hofstetler, Charles Cope, Marie Sherman

Minutes from AGM November 2, 2013 Motion Wilke, second Rob minutes accepted as displayed on website. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s Report: Motion Wilke. 2nd Rob accept treasure’s report. Passed. 182 members this year.

Old Business:

Website: Email received from Cary our webmaster to please send more content and activities happening at the hillclimbs. Please email with information tube80z@gmail.com
Cary is wanting the make a layout based on the hills that had things like record, results, the map, info, etc. for each hill. Please send in your info.

Each Hill: When you get race results sent to Cary right away. Get your registration pdf for each hill as soon as possible to Cary.

Jennifer is the admin. person for our Facebook page: NHA 8 new members: Please join in and place your comments.

Competition License: New licenses available Still $5 each See Marie. 

SAFETY ADVISOR: Tony Chilton: will take on this position

NEW HILL?: Keno: Jimmy Hofstetter looking into running the hill. Hill newly repaved. Jimmy will work with NHA on how to set up everything.

Pendleton HWY 30.- Jack Gassaway is a member of Autocross club of Oregon. His club may be interested in runny this hillclimb. Wilke advised there are two cattle grates to worry about. Must run hillclimb between them. Jack will keep in touch as to the progress.

New Business: 


Nov. 2, 2013 Motion by Wilke, second by Hal Gjermann that NHA rules be changed for the 2015 season stating that all drivers will have to become NHA Members. For the 2014 season all the stickers will be dated and will be $5 each or free with 2014 membership. New NHA dated stickers will be issued every year forthcoming. Motion passed.

Burn outs at start line: Motion: Wilke, second Harry-to add a new NHA Rule: NHA to instate a “no burn out rule” at start line- Marie to add to NHA Rules.

NHA Rules:

C. NHA Vehicle, Equipment, and Driver Specific Safety Rules: is this correct?

3.A fire extinguisher or fire suppression system carrying a 5lb. minimum 5BC rating is required in all competition vehicles. The extinguisher or actuating device must be within easy reach of the driver and/or safety officials. After Rob's accident at Maryhill it might be prudent to require a fire extinguisher where possible in addition to on board suppression devices. Doug

The 5 lb was put in error: please remove from NHA Rules:

King and Queen of the hill and top Door Slammer awards? Decisions to be left up to each hill as to what awards they give out.

Redwood: Ladies classes: if no ladies classes please make official notification.

With the new street tire rules in stock classes. Bob and Wilke will reword rules and send to Cary.

ACCO: Autocross Club of Central Oregon: Invitational Oregon Shootout: First of October. Jack Gassaway will keep us informed.

Roll bars : All sports cars must have roll bar. Marie to send letter to Cascade: No Fiber glass removable top, Steel roof ok. Wilke to check regarding steel top re-tractable roof and advise Marie.

Safety: Neck Braces: 

NHA 2015 Schedule:

Cascade- Jun 20, 21 

Freezeout- Jun 27,28 

Larison July 4,5
Hoopa- July 25, 26 

Bible Creek- Aug 15,16 

Bogus Basin- Aug 29, 30

Mary Hill- Sept 19, 20 (Astoria-Oregon Park Sept 21st ) 

New Executive for 2015:

President: Charles Cope

Vice President: Rob Riedel
Secretary/- Treasurer: Marie Sherman 

Website: Cary McCallister

Per NHA Rules the Chairperson of each hill is also a board member. 

2015 members are:

Wilke Myers
Bonnie Mueller
Andrew Vanbortel & Bruce Hodesson 

Shea & Crystal Henrie
Doug Batt
Charles Cope


Climbed them all: 

Dave Bard, Doug Dufesne, Jennifer Ocker, Bob Sherman, Marie Sherman

Bogie Award: Paul & Caroline Evers Tony/second Rob: motion carried 

President’s Award: Cari and Terry Hinesly

Formula Libra Ladies Champion- Brenda Brock 

H Stock Dave Bard
SMF Champion- Brent Norgaard
SMF-Mike Mullikin

SM Champion: Stefan Denham
SS Champion- Robert Rousseau
SS Willy Cosby
HCP Champion: Jerimiah Church
Formula Libra Champion_ Dave Kipperman 

Formula Libra- Doug Defesne

Formula Libra- Tony Chilton
GT 1- Harry Cadell
STX –Jack Wetterly
STR- Champion_ Ron Ronchetto 

OSPU_ Andrew Vanbortel

F Production Champion: Marie Sherman 

F. Production Champion Bob Sherman 

SPL Champion- Jennifer O,
STX Champion- Jack VanWettering

Stx Champion: Steve VanWettering 

DSP Champion: Jimmy Hofsteller
E Stock Champion- Wilke Myers