2013 Northwest Hillclimb Annual Meeting Minutes

Northwest Hillclimb Association 

Annual General Meeting 

November 2th 2013
Big Bear Resturant

Bend Oregon

President Charles Cope opened the meeting at___11:05 am____.

Attendance: Charles Cope, Marie and Bob Sherman, Wilke and Marcy Myers, Tony Chilton, Hal Gjermann, Rob and Deb Riedel, Cari Hinesly, Dave Bard.

Minutes from AGM November 3, 2012- Accepted as posted on website.

Treasurer’s Report: We had 139 memberships join for 2013 with 39 already registered for 2014. Ordinary Income and Expenses reported. Totals were correct but amounts were shifted on the Expense portion. Error noticed by Wilke and report corrected.

Old Business:

Website: Email received from Cary our webmaster to please send more content and activities happening at the hillclimbs. Please email with information tube80z@gmail.com
Cary is wanting the make a layout based on the hills that had things like record, results, the map, info, etc. for each hill. Please send in your info.

Competition License: Brian Bogdon sent in a report providing ideas for the use of logbooks and licenses. After thorough discussion the group decided to stay with the current competition log book but to add an extra line for comments under every event. Cari Hinesly to get more log book make up.

SAFETY ADVISOR: Charles advised that safety advisors worked well at all the hills. This will continue for next year.

NEW HILL: No input has been received about doing a Hillclimb at Mt. Baker.

Terry check into the idea of running a hillclimb back at Keno Oregon but there is no one in Klamath Falls to head it.

New Business:
Will all Drivers have to become members of NHA:???

Motion by Wilke, second by Hal Gjermann that NHA rules be changed for the 2015 season stating that all drivers will have to become NHA Members. For the 2014 season all the stickers will be dated and will be $5 each or free with 2014 membership. New NHA dated stickers will be issued every year forthcoming. Motion passed.

Dogs at hillclimbs. There was some dog issues at some of the hills this year. Excessive barking and dogs off leash. It was decided that it is the responsibility of the hill chairperson to respond to any complaints not NHA. Please refer all you questions or concerns to the hill chairperson. Please add to your Registration pamphlets if you have any dog rules.

NHA 2014 Schedule:

  • Freezeout- June21/22
  • Larison- July5/6
  • Bible Creek- August 9/10
  • Bogus Basin- August 30/31
  • Mary Hill- September 20/21
  • Hoopa- July 19/20

New Executive for 2014: 

President: Charles cope
Vice President: Rob Riedel
Secretary/- Treasurer: Marie Sherman 

Website: Cary McCallister
Per NHA Rules the Chairperson of each hill is also a board member. 

2014 members are:
Wilke Myers, Bonnie Mueller, Dick Calhoune, Shea Henrie, Doug Batt, Charles Cope

CSP Champion- Cary Hinesly
CSP – Terry Hinesly
FPROD Champion- Bob Sherman
FPRODL Champion- Marie Sherman
C Street Prepared Champion- Ron Ronchetto 

GTI Champion- Harry Cadell
STC Champion- David Holt
STU Champion- Jack Van Wettering

Cascade- June 28/29

EPROD Champion- Hal Gjermann 

SPO Champion- Dave Kipperman 

STX Champion- Steve Van Wettering 

GTI- Dwaine Baccus

Formula Libra Champion- Doug DuFresne 

Formula Libra- Tony Chilton
SS Super Stock Champion- Robert Rousseau 

SS super Stock- William Cosby

SS Super Sport- Dominic Maraglia 

CSR Champion- Loma Garman

Climbed them all: 

Hal Gjermann, Doug DuFresne, and Dave Kipperman 

Bogie Award: CarlSomerton
Presidence’s Award: Crystal Henrie

Our oldest and most faithful racer is hanging up his hat and will no longer be doing any future hillclimbs. Hal Gjermann advised us at the end of the meeting he is retiring from hillclimbing. He will surely be missed by all. Further information to follow. He still will be doing auto cross close to home.