What is your Life Worth? Save your Neck.

By Bob Sherman

Many NHA members know about my significant “off road adventure” in 2016 at the Bogus Basin Hill Climb.  The MGBGT was a mess, but I was not injured or even sore later on.  The reason?  Safety equipment!

The full roll cage, helmet, six-point racing harness all did their jobs.  However, of chief importance to me was my neck restraint device.  These are commonly called a “HANS,” but similar products are offered by a number of manufacturers.

This safety device proved its worth as I had my right foot to the floor entering corner four.  I won’t go over the whole scenario, but I left the road at over 60 mph, at least.  The right wheel and lower suspension impacted a large rock and thankfully slowed the car as I was headed toward a near vertical rock wall.  I am sure the deceleration forces were huge, but the neck restraint device literally saved my neck.  This made a believer out of me, and, I think, of some other competitors at the hill.

Some of you may hesitate to buy one of these unless you are required to do so.  They are not cheap.  However, if budget is an issue, there is a solution.  Rent one.

Information on at least one rental service is found at motortsport-safety.org.  The current rental for a couple days is listed at $90.00.  You can rent either a Hans, or a Simpson Hybrid.  Take note that the Simpson Hybrid is FIA approved for use with factory-type three-point seat belts. This includes shipping to you.  You must pay for the return shipping.

 I wouldn’t compete without using one of these devices.  No matter in what class you compete, you shouldn’t either.  With rental availability, and availability of a device that can be used in vehicles with only factory three-point seatbelts, there is simply no reason to any longer take any chances with your safety.  Safety Fast!



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