2013 Results

2013 NHA Results

Congratulations to our King and Queens of the hills.

  • Freezeout King and Queen | Carl Marcum and Jennifer Ocker | Results
  • Cascade Lakes King and Queen | Robert Steck and Brenda Brock | Results
  • Larison Rock King and Queen | Harry Cadell and Peggy Steck | Results
  • Hoopa King and Queen | Rob Boynton and Paula McNair | Results
  • Bible Creek King and Queen | Tony Chilton and Jennifer Ocker | Results
  • Bogus Basin King and Queen | Carl Marcum and Brenda Brock | Results
  • Maryhill King and Queen | Ethan Ott and Brenda Brock | Results

2013 NHA Class Champions

CSP | Cari Hinesly
CSP runner up | Terry Hinesly
FPROD | Bob Sherman
FPRODL | Marie Sherman
C Street Prepared Champion- Ron Ronchetto
GTI | Harry Cadell
STC | David Holt
STU | Jack Van Wettering
EPROD | Hal Gjermann
SPO | Dave Kipperman
STX | Steve Van Wettering
GTI | Dwaine Baccus
Formula Libre | Doug DuFresne
Formula Libre runner up | Tony Chilton
SS Super Stock | Robert Rousseau
SS Super Stock runner up | William Cosby
SS Super Sport | Dominic Maraglia
CSR | Loma Garman

Climbed them all: Hal Gjermann, Doug DuFresne, and Dave Kipperman
Bogie Award: Carl Somerton
President’s Award: Crystal Henrie