News from the summit


The November 4, 2017 Northwest Hill Climb Association annual general meeting in Bend Oregon is quickly approaching. Membership attendance, participation and input is encouraged. Important changes coming in 2018.

Meeting starts at 11am in the conference room:

Black Bear Restaurant
1465 NE 3rd St
Bend, OR 97701
(541) 312-8327

Should one prefer an over night stay, NHA has reserved a block of rooms at a discounted rate for Friday November 3, 2017. These rooms will be held until October 13, 2017.

Red Lion Inn and Suites Bend
1415 NE Third Street, Bend, OR


2017 schedule

Cascade Lakes Hillclimb | Cancelled


Freezeout Hillclimb | June 24-25 | Emmett, ID

King and Queen | Stefan Denham and Brenda Kipperman

Larison Rock Hillclimb | July 1-2 | Oakridge, OR

King and Queen | Dave Kipperman and Jennifer Ocker
Class Records
Under 2 minute club

Hoopa Hillclimb | July 22-23 | California Coast

King and Queen | Robert Rousseau and Brenda Kipperman
Class Records

Bible Creek | Cancelled

alternate - Maryhill Hillclimb | Aug 5-6 | Goldendale, WA

King and Queen | Carl Marcum and Jennifer Ocker
2016 Class Records

Bogus Basin Hillclimb | Cancelled


Maryhill Hillclimb | Sept 16-17 | Goldendale, WA

King and Queen | Carl Marcum and Jennifer Ocker
Raw times
2016 Class Records

Stock class competitors: Please read the updated rules. NHA is following the SCCA changes in tires for these classes. More can be found on the rules page.

What’s Your Life And Well-Being Worth?

This will be pretty direct. Hill climbs, like many motorsports events, entail risk. You sign a waiver, and you’re basically on your own. Even if you don’t drive beyond your abilities, such as mechanical failures, like broken axles, can happen. In an instant, you can change from a driver into a “passenger,” with no control over where you might end up.

Many organizations, such as SCCA and CACC, are requiring a HANS or a like device of a different manufacturer, for motorsports events. My personal opinion is that it will be only a matter of time that NHA requires these devices as well.

Yes, we’re talking about a $600 plus expense. But, what if you went off course and sustained serious injuries, which might have been prevented by using a neck restraint device? Do you want to play with your kids/grandkids from a wheelchair? Or worse? Not if you can help it. In reality, this is pretty cheap insurance.

Do you buy a “Starbucks” at the drive through every day? Kick that habit, prepare your coffee in a thermos, and you can probably save enough in less than a year, to buy the device of your choice.

We have been lucky so far.

Bob Sherman