Happy Holidays to all of you. I have had a month to think about the meeting in Bend. The first thing is that I am not very tech savvy, but I am inclined to use what I can.  I will try to send one of these messages to Ryan to post on a regular basis for all to see.  I hope this will help all of us to be better informed and better able to make plans to attend our 2019 events.  I am also setting up an email just for NHA business and questions that will come direct to me.  I will attempt to answer all either on the website or personally depending on the subject, so if you want it to be private please tell me.

Some items that were discussed and some decided at the meeting:

  1. New date for annual meeting will be 3rd Sat in Oct. the location will stay the same, Black Bear diner in Bend.  We all felt the location was most central for all to attend. Please put the date on your hillclimb calendar as it is just as important as going to a hillclimb. Get it on your “vacation days off” needed list at work so you can attend.  We are trying a new date, so we do not interfere with the SEMA show that true gearheads like to attend (we did not think SEMA would change their date for us).  I know that some will cry but what about hunting?  Well that is a date each of us can control so start now so you don’t have that excuse next year. There were some requests for the meeting to be shown live in one form or another, we did not do this per 2018 president’s request. I asked most of those at the meeting and found that 1/3 of those in attendance would have stayed home had we done so.  The purpose is to get more people there than not so? I will take short comments about this subject by email.  I am also having someone look into some type of alternative to offer, but the goal is to get people to attend and participate
  2. The classing seems to be settling down some and we had no real discussion on that subject.  We will continue to try to get all our classes listed correctly with Motorsports Reg so sign up will be easier.  We encourage all clubs to use that sight for their respective hillclimb.  We will get all our events listed with Motorsports Reg. so they at least are on the events postings.  We will continue to follow up with each Club on their event and post any changes or notices that you might need to know.  Our classing system requires full disclosure by the driver/owner on the legality of his/her car for proper classing.  These rules can all be found by going to our website and following direction posted there. Remember classing is the ultimate responsibility of the owner/driver.  “I don’t know what class my car is in doesn’t fly” Maybe if you ask that question organizers should ask if you are really experienced enough to drive a hillclimb?
  3. Hans devices, I am asking for 3 volunteers to do some research on this subject.  I don’t want us to have a knee jerk reaction and require something that we do not need or in some cases may not make our drivers any safer.
  4. Safety at the hills both at the sight and for the drivers?  Emergency procedures do we need to have some?  Each individual hill should look at their site and pit arrangement and see if they need to be more aware of what could happen.  Maryhill in Sept was a real eye opener for me and how unprepared every single driver was when we were told to evacuate.   It was really nice to see everyone looking out for each other and getting all the stuff done.  I will say it made me proud and it is a big reason why I have done this for so long, everyone helping out and making sure all the competitor’s stuff was safe even to hauling other people gear to safety then seeing that everyone got their stuff back.  There has been some concern about how fast some of these cars are going these days and do we need to try to slow them down or increase the safety gear/requirements?  When we revamped the classes and basically started over the organizers at Freezeout shortened the hill at the finish to try to slow the finish speed and also to give more stopping distance for safety.
  5. Bible Creek Update:  Steve Newby has been in touch with the forest service about Bible Creek and they are ok with the event happening.  They have let out a contract to repair the hill and the work has not been done yet. We will get an update when work gets done may not be till spring.
  6. No update on status of Maryhill yet, event chairs are in contact with owners, will let you know soon as we know.
  7. Sailor Creek is still working on some needed paperwork (Bogus Basin Replacement).

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself, my name is Wilke Myers.  I currently compete in an A/Street Corvette (really stock).  I am an original founder of the NHA and a former President (I used to write columns in our paper newsletter that Cari used to publish for us. Maybe we can look at some of those for our website if Cari is willing). I have been running Hillclimbs since 1965 and still believe they are the ultimate grass roots motorsports event and really appreciate how lucky we are to have them. I thought that I had retired from this and was just going to enjoy driving but I owed a favor so now you have me hopefully I can find a trainee quick.

Marcy and I look forward to seeing all of you in the early summer, we will be the ones with the 2 small dogs.

I do want to open communication with all but please don’t bury me and watch the website for regular updates.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays!

(By the way most Hills run on my special time “Winky Time”)

NHA 2019 News!

Competitors News for 2019 - For a full list of news and changes in 2019, please review the full 2018 Annual Meeting Minutes:

View NHA 2018 Annual General Meeting Minutes

  1. HANS for both cars with harnesses and cars with three point seatbelts, can be rented for $90 per event.
    1. This should encourage drivers who were concerned about costs. 
    2. Clubs are to push this link at registration: https://www.motorsport-safety.org/initiatives/race-restraint
  2. NHA Membership Dues are to only be collected by NHA.
    1. Hosting clubs will no longer collect NHA dues/accept NHA registration.
  3. NHA recommends that clubs use MSR. NHA can offer an MSR template/class list to clubs to help ensure consistency.
  4. The NHA Annual General Meeting in 2019 will be on October 19th, 2019. Location remains the same.
    1. Date was moved in attempt to avoid conflicts/weather and draw more attendance.
  5. Future streaming of events online is at discretion of the president. 2018 and 2019 Presidents opposed.
    1. If you want to be involved in discussions/decisions pertaining to NHA, please attend the Annual General Meeting.
  6. New Executives for 2019:
    1. President: Nominated: Wilke and Ryan – Vote: Wilke Myers elected
    2. Vice President: Nominated: Mike and Rob – Vote: Rob Reidel elected
    3. Secretary/treasurer: Nominated: Marcy and Ryan – Vote: Marcy Myers elected
    4. Website admin: Ryan Davis elected
    5. Regalia admin: Deb Reidel elected
  7. 2019 Schedule (Most dates up in the air):
    1. Cascade: June 15th/16th, 2019
    2. Freezeout: June 22nd/23rd, 2019 – tentatively (Big event may conflict, push later one week. TBD January.)
    3. Larison:  July 6th/7th, 2019 – Tentatively
    4. Hoopa: July 20th/21st, 2019 – Safety concerns with locals. Please discuss with club.
    5. Maryhill 1 or Bible Creek: August 2nd/3rd, 2019 Unless moved.
    6. Sailor Creek: Aug. 31st/Sept. 1st – Waiting on one more signature from a landowner that is out of area.
    7. Maryhill 2: Sept 20th/21st, 2019

Previous reminders:

  1. As of January 2018, all competitors must wear a minimum of SFI 3.3 neck donut. Please see 2 below, as other classes may require a HANS Device. Neck donuts require a closed face helmet to be effective. Open face helmets are ONLY allowed with a HANS type device.
  2. HANS Devices are required in: All Street Prepared, Street Modified, Modified and Prepared Solo Classes, SPU/O, OSPU/O, all Improved Touring, Super Touring, American Sedan, Spec Miata, and Touring classes, all B Spec, Production, Grand Touring, Formula, and Sports Racing classes, Formula Ford, A Sports Racer, C Sports Racer, Mod Vee, Formula Libre, and HCP (Hillclimb Prototype).

Fire Danger Awareness

By Bob Sherman

Fire is arguably the greatest danger to the driver in motorsports.  I’m sure many hill climb competitors have been thinking about that. Our cars run the whole gamut, from street-stock to fully kitted-out race cars.  Although fire safety is important to all of us, the importance becomes greater the more the modifications on your car tend to move it to the race car extreme.  There are several areas to consider.

Personal Protection Equipment:  The SFI Foundation issues and administers standards for specialty/performance automotive & racing equipment.  Ratings for SFI Rated Nomex suits are based upon seconds of protection from second degree burns in a raging gasoline fire that is 1,800 to 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Four levels of protection each level providing a range of three to nineteen seconds, hopefully time enough to allow the driver to get out of the vehicle. (What extra time do you think your everyday cotton pants and long sleeved shirt provide?)  Note that you are just buying time. These are not “fireproof suits.” Other SFI rated personal protection equipment include gloves, shoes, and balaclavas.

Fire Suppression Systems:  These are Halon or “Halatron 1”  based. Per EPA, Halon cannot be manufactured since 1994, but recycled Halon may still be available and is the preferred choice.  These gases interrupt the ingredients for a fire, to wit fuel, oxygen, and ignition. If you go to firebottleracing.com, there is a lot of information.  You can fit the unit with nozzles at least routed to the driver’s leg area and carburetor/injector area of the motor. Another nozzle can be added to the fuel tank or fuel cell area.  Discharge is generally by “push” or “pull.” You can bend the tubing or, for some routing, use braided lines. We have a local shop that makes really neat lines if you just tell them exactly what you require.

Fuel Delivery:  Fuel cells, even available to utilize the tire well area in street cars, add more protection.  The fill plate prevents leakage if the vehicle overturns (I know this works.) The bladder prevents fuel spill if there is a wreck.  The foam keeps the bladder in shape and prevents “flash back” explosions. The container, which is what you see, holds all this together.  This winter, I am adding more safety devices to my fuel delivery system. The car has two fuel pumps. There are devices wired into their power supply that, upon hard impact that jars the car, will cut the power to the fuel pumps.  This is automatic.

Summary:  This writing is not intended to get into all the technical information about the various fire protection measures available.  There is plenty of info on the internet for further research. You may look at all the information on line and add up the bill.  You may think, “Wow, I can’t afford that!” Maybe not all at once. Perhaps you could add one device each year? In not too long, you’ll have a lot of safety gear in place to help protect your life.  It is worth a thought. There are some of us that are quite glad we were wearing our Hans-type devices when we crashed our cars. Now going a step further with our safety equipment, in terms of being pro-active with fire safety measures, might one day make you a much happier competitor.

  • Membership cost is $10.00 for Jan 1 through Dec 31 of each year and is not prorated through out the year. We encourage early registration prior to race season to save you time and keep registration fluid at events.
  • You won’t leave the starting line if you are not a member.
  • You won’t leave the starting line if don’t have your dated NHA sticker placed on both sides of your car.
  • NHA Insurance dictates no consumption of alcohol in any area insured by NHA at hillclimb event site.
  • Non-insured and non-registered race cars are only allowed on roadway to access the hillclimb course during their run group.

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